Technology Resources

Moultonborough Public Library employs a full time Technology Librarian, Megan Greenbaum, who is available to assist patrons with technology issues and questions. In addition, Megan works to create relevant and accessible, “support cards,” which are listed below and available to view, download and/or print. These support cards are created with relevant topics and trends in mind and include both Microsoft and Mac programs and devices. 

For questions, or suggestions for “support cards,” please email Megan at: 



The following resources are available for FREE to all patrons, regardless of library card status. 

  • Online resources that may be accessed with any WiFi connected device 
    • - Create a free account and practice your typing skills. With specific skills addressed, this program is a great start for beginning typists.  

    • Google Scholar - access free scholarly articles, organizations, websites and more through Google's curated search engine. 

    • GCFGlobal Mouse Tutorial - Features a hands on tutorial to teach you how to effectively use a mouse. Offers many opportunities for hands on practice and games to enjoy while learning.

    • - This site offers video courses for the latest business, software, technology topics and creative skills. Create an account and sign up for a free 30-day trial to test it out!  

    • - This site provides a wealth of learning materials for technology users of all ages and abilities. There are also tips and tools for teachers who are working to teach technology skills. One of Megan’s favorites!

    • - This 100% FREE site offers a unimaginable amount of learning resources, mostly tutorial pre-recorded webinars and videos.   

    • - Sign up for a free trial and access a multitude of free courses. While there are many technology skills addressed, there are also tutorials for animation, photography, productivity.

    • - This 100% free site is currently being accessed by 18 million learners! A variety of topics are covered, including a plethora of IT classes. 

    • - This site has been created to specifically offer technology professionals courses to further their learning. If you work or are interested in the field of technology, check this site out!

    • - Yes, Harvard is offering free online courses! Topics include data science, programming and computer science in addition to other trending topics. Definitely worth checking out!

    • - This site is affiliated with the Harvard Online Learning program. Each course, of which there are many, is available for free. Registration is required, but is open to all learners. 

    • - is a free educational website that teaches older adults and other inexperienced Internet users with basic computer skills about websites that can help improve their quality of life.


Resources for Current Trends 

  • National Do Not Call Registry - Report unwanted calls, register your phone number and keep track of fraudulous calls. Hosted by the Federal Trade Comission. 

  • Federal Trade Commission Media Resources - Access thousands of resources curated by the Federaal Trade Commion including resources on Mobile Technology, Identify Theft and more. 

  • ZOOM Test Meeting - No login, account or even official meeting needs to be set up for you to practice Zooming! Click here to have a test Zoom meeting with yourself and set up your camera, microphone and speakers.


Technology Support Cards 

Below is a variety of support cards to assist patrons when attempting to troubleshoot on their own, or it they are interested in learning more. Check back if you find them helpful as more will be added as Megan creates them.

Just for Fun 

Click here to visit Megan's Just for Fun Technology page. Here you will find activities, learning opportunities, creative ideas, unique websites, entertainment and more, all using technology at no extra cost! Have something you would like to share on our 'Just for Fun Technology' page? Email your idea to Megan at 


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