Moultonborough Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 4/30/2020
Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Title: OLLI Class: Art of the Therapeutic Harp
Contact: John Peterson, 603-356-8521
Location: Program Room
The Art of the Therapeutic Harp
The universal, non-verbal language of music offers regenerative energy. The harp has a large range of pitches and can vibrate the entire human organism. Harp Therapy is playing a small harp and using music to meet the client at all levels: body, mind and spirit. It promotes balance, eases suffering and anxiety and re-energizes. It revives memories, relieves stress and improves a person's quality of life. Harp therapy is intentional, individualized and interactive. The music is soft, and approaches pure sound more closely than any other instrument. Come and relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects.

Fee for OLLI members: $20.00
Fee for non-members is $40.00
 To register for the class and/or become a member, go to           603-476-8895