Moultonborough Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 4/1/2020
Time: 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Title: OLLI Class: RMS Lusitania
Contact: John Peterson, 603-356-8521
Location: Program Room
 RMS Lusitania:  
Caught in the Crosshairs

In this class, we examine the series of circumstances, including the tides, that lead, really by chance, to the sinking of the majestic liner Lusitania. This torpedoing by a German U-boat contributed to the U.S entrance into WW I. But was she just an innocent, unarmed passenger vessel?
We'll discuss the various theories.

Fee for OLLI members: $20.00
Fee for non-members is $40.00
 To register for the class and/or become a member, go to           603-476-8895