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Date: 6/15/2017
Time: 7:00 PM -
Title: Hiking Historical NH: 5 Destinations That Define NH's Past
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Location: Program Room
Most hiking destinations have a story to tell. Some in particular have an unusual and fascinating tale and a few tell of significant aspects of New Hampshire’s past. In fact, they convey the unique character of the Granite State. Gordon DuBois, local hiker and journalist for the Laconia Daily Sun, will take you on five virtual hikes to places that have played a predominant part in the history of our state. In some respects, this history has been lost with demographic and economic changes over the past hundred years. This program will bring you in touch with New Hampshire’s history, through the photographs and stories from the trails that lead to the New Hampshire of yesterday.
Mt. Whittier-An abandoned ski area in Ossipee, NH that was very popular in the 1950’s and had one of the first gondolas in New England.
Waternomee Mountain- In the early years of WW II a US Air Corps bomber crashed on the side of a mountain just outside of Lincoln. Residents of Lincoln, including Sherman Adams, made an incredible and heroic rescue effort to save survivors of the crash.
Redstone Quarry- Located in Conway, NH lies one of the largest now abandoned granite quarries in New England. This quarry provided stones for many of our most revered structures including the George Washington Masonic Temple in Washington, D.C.
Livermore Village-A prosperous logging community was once home to families of loggers and lumbermen in Crawford Notch. The community now lies forgotten and hidden in the forest that has reclaimed the foundations of homes, school house, hotel and mills.
Lime Kilns of Black Mountain- Lime was an important commodity in the economic development of NH, used for fertilizer, manufacturing of iron, cement and soap. The Kilns of Black Mountain played an important role in getting this product to market.           603-476-8895